Saturday, January 23, 2010

Still Life


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  2. these are pretty good!
    some comments:
    on the first render of the kitchen, I would soften the shadows coming from the grapes and the bottle on the wall a little bit.
    the orange seems a touch too hot and seems to be floating a little.
    also the texture used for the exterior gives away it's a picture a little bit too easily.

    in the second picture it seems like the godrays are coming off a spotlight as opposite to a directional light, I would try to move the spotlight back just so the rays come in more parallel to each other.

    I love the third version of the still life, it really works from the distance, there's a nice sense of focus. I would keep working on the shaders for the metal and the glass, keeping in mind that those materials need interesting reflections in order to really stand out.

    the lighthouse renders are also looking nice, I would soften the bump on the bottom a little bit.

    love it!