Friday, April 27, 2012

New Work

Most of my friends' blog posts now begin "in case anyone is still reading." Blogging was a little more energizing back in school when everyone was posting and sharing their work fairly regularly. There are a few reasons I think we in general blog much less since school--there's usually a delay between when a project is finished and when it's officially released, it's harder to show what exactly I did on a project without editing a reel, and there's usually something more important to do than update a blog.

I'm still living in Manhattan. I've been working at Buck ( on spots for Google, Sherwin, Nationwide, Fruit Snacks, and X Games. You can see clips from these projects in my new reel at

Before I started at Buck I got a freelance gig making 10-second animations for a mobile app. First they asked me to do just one, then they offered me 10, then another 10. It was more work than I could do by myself, but I loved the opportunity to get other people to bring their talents to the projects. For very tiny budgets we got some great results, and after exploring relationships with overseas studios (apparently without as much success) Splatt asked me to continue directing animation.

Splatt seems to be forever in beta. The company's goal is to pursue relationships with other interactive companies and corporate sponsors to build up content, which is key to making the app worth using. In the meantime, you can get a preview of some of the content we have so far at In the last month I was made Creative Director and given more freedom to greenlight projects that I like, working with a larger budget and a quota of animations to produce every month. Since I was a kid I wanted to be an animation director/producer, and at 21, I finally seem to be getting started.

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  1. Oh damn, nice Brett! Are you feeling like you're getting a steadier flow of work now that you've been in the city for more than a year? :D Sweet reel. I'm glad to see things are working out for you!